Oakland teachers union, district reach tentative agreement on distance learning

OAKLAND — The Oakland Unified School District and teachers union, Oakland Education Association, have reached a tentative agreement for what distance learning will look like for students this school year.

The district announced the tentative agreement around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday after ongoing negotiations for weeks.

Details of the agreement had not yet been released Wednesday morning. OEA said that teachers would get the full text and further details Wednesday afternoon. Then, union members will vote on the tentative memorandum of understanding.

The union wanted more flexibility in terms of scheduling when it comes to distance learning as the district grapples with the coronavirus pandemic and does not yet plan to put students back in seats at schools.

Oakland Unified said Monday, on the first day of school, that it proposed more time for teachers to do live instruction, while OEA proposed less, according to district spokesman John Sasaki.

The district wanted a 6.5-hour workday while OEA proposed 5 hours, with 1.5 hours of teacher wellness.

The union and district bargaining teams met late Monday and the union proposed a counter offer. They were waiting for a district response on Tuesday afternoon.

Check back for details. 


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